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This Month’s Premium Choices

Proudly Malaysia

Welcome to the wonderful world of authentic Malaysian tea. BOH is a tea business that has been warming the hearts of Malaysians for over 80 years; nurtured by generations of tea experts and devoted to producing teas of exceptional quality, character, aroma, and freshness. We are proud to be amongst some of the finest tea specialists in the world, mastering the art of tea, from tea bush to teacup.

Tea Room

The wonderful world of tea is steeped with tradition and culture. There are so many historical facts and amusing tales, leaving us so much to learn for our own benefit. For instance, did you know that supposedly the tannins in black tea could help remove warts and have been linked to coagulation, which means tea can potentially help stop bleeding? Incredible, isn’t it? Read on to discover interesting trivia about all things tea-related that every tea lover would appreciate.

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Visit Our Tea Garden

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